In 2023 David Gordon created this unique "song and history" concert for three performances in an extraordinary place in Carmel, California, known as "Tor House." In the early 20th Century, on a windswept, barren promontory, using granite boulders gathered from the rocky shore of Carmel Bay, American poet Robinson Jeffers built Tor House and Hawk Tower as a home and refuge for himself and his family. Visit the Tor House website here.

David at Tor House

For this concert, David assembled 70 minutes of poems and songs to honor the artistic vision of Robinson and Una Jeffers. For Una, a set of Irish poems and songs of longing. For Robinson, four gritty American songs of hardship and struggle.

And for us all a final set about hope and love.

David's material includes poetry and lyrics by W. B. Yeats, Thomas Moore, Robinson Jeffers, Brian Bilston, Stephen Foster, Berthold Brecht, Yip Harburg, Woody Guthrie, Joel Mabus, James Agee, and David Wilcox.

David asks the audience not to interrupt the program with applause, and he hands out the printed program only at the very end. After the premiere on June 2, one audience member called this concert a "guided meditation." It is a powerful, thought-provoking experience, suited for intimate venues or house concerts. Read or download the full song list here.

Some of the songs on this audio playlist are from this program

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The Washington Post has called David Gordon "an irresistible performer." He's a life-long troubadour whose compelling voice, keen sense of drama, and wacky humor have charmed audiences worldwide for more than 50 years.

David's international performing and recording career reaches from Bach to bluegrass, from grand opera to jazz, from Mozart to songs of the Oregon Trail. Read more here...

David Lives in Pacific Grove, California, with his wife, author and artist Ginna Gordon. Together they run Lucky Valley Press, a boutique book editing and design firm for independent authors

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