This is a thought-provoking and progressive musical commentary on the importance of compassion, courage, generosity, taking action, believing in the future, and hope.

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Over the past few years this has been one of David's most memorable programs.

"This amazing, profound performance
has deeply touched many hearts"

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Hard Times is a diverse collection of songs with a definite point of view about slavery, poverty, lying politicians, nuclear bombs, refugees, war, Mexican farm workers, building a wall, and how to stay sane.

Actually the word "diverse" is an understatement for this eclectic playlist.

The music spans a century and a half (1852-2016) and includes powerful songs by Stephen Foster, Woody Guthrie, Yip Harburg, Fred Hellerman, Pete Seeger, Si Kahn, David Wilcox, and John McCutcheon, plus current writers like John Flynn, Louise Mosrie, and Anaïs Mitchell. 

Some of the songs on this audio playlist and these live videos are from this program

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About David

The Washington Post has called David Gordon "an irresistable performer." He's a life-long troubadour whose compelling voice, keen sense of drama, and wacky humor have charmed audiences worldwide for more than 40 years.

David's international performing and recording career reaches from Bach to bluegrass, from grand opera to jazz, from Mozart to songs of the Oregon Trail. Read more here...

David Lives in Pacific Grove, California, with his wife, author and artist Ginna Gordon.

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Listen to Audio Here
Listen to Audio Here

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