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David's Links

Great Music Links

Online Resources
      my collection of music-related links

David Newman's Website
      - contains a great list of free sheetmusic on the web

Brad Leissa's Web Site
      - this site has become a major list of classical music links and sites

      - a wonderful collection of resources

Picture Gallery of 1000 Classical Composers

Music Resources on the Internet
      - an utterly mega-list of sites from Indiana University

Lied and Art Song texts and Translations
      - a magnificent collection, especially Librettos and Lieder Texts

Classical Music Directory
      - interesting collection of links at

Musical Resources (Sibelius Academy)
      - an impressive site in Helsinki, Finland

International Opera Locations
      - part of Keith Moulton's page, nearly 30 opera links worldwide.

Musical jokes by instrument/voice

Johann Sebastian Bach in Cyberspace

Bach Webring 
      -The Bach Cantatas website and other Bach links

J. Philip Ambrose
      - complete texts and translations to Bach Cantatas and other works

Bach Central Station
      -a central listing of Bach resources on the Internet

The Bach Cantatas Website
      - A new comprehensive site, cantatas, discographies, much more

Bach Vocal Master Class
      - at the Carmel Bach Festival

Reflections of Bach
      -wonderful quotes compiled for the Carmel Bach Festival

Bach Notes
      - trivia, factoids, and other gee-whiz stuff about Bach

The J. S. Bach Home Page
      - a joint project of Jan Hanford and Jan Koster (see below). Wonderful site.

Jan Koster's Bach Home Page
      - an illustrated Bach Biography and bibliography with more than 900 titles.

Tim Smith's Bach Web Site - Wonderful new site and links pages! Don't miss it!
      - Tim is Assoc. Prof. of Music Theory at Northern Arizona University

The Bach Choir of Bethlehem
      - America's most distinguished Bach Choir

CARMEL Bach Festival (California)
      - artist info, ticket ordering, Bach background .....

OREGON Bach Festival
      - an exemplary Home Page - including music and video clips.

Bach Organizations Around the World
      - provided by the Philadelphia Bach Festival

Bach-Archive Leipzig
      - this site is in German / auf Deutsch. Nur wenn du Deutsch kannst...

Music, Art, and Learning Skills

Much has been made recently of the so-called "Mozart Effect."
 Beyond the hoopla, there is a lot of substance.

Music Makes You Smarter!
      - a small page from CannonSong Media, with a few interesting links

Music and Intellectual Development in Children
      - a short article from The Economist magazine

The Mozart Effect
      - a resource center for information about Don Campbell's books.

Sound and Healing
      - a collection of writings about tapping music's powers for healing and well-being
        (located in this web site)


Concert Pitch through the centuries
      - an overview chart of concert "A" since 1511

The Bill of Musical Rights
      - Music For People   Don't miss their web site!

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