bach st. matthew passion mass in b minor lecture
The original release in David's audio lecture series!!

...secrets and signposts

For people of all faiths, J. S. Bach's astounding choral masterpiece can be a powerful means of introspection and self-examination.

In this informal lecture before a live audience, David Gordon weaves fascinating historical details, anecdotes and insights to create an inspiring and entertaining 55-minute overview of some of the inner workings Bach's 3-hour "guided meditation."

This is a perfect introduction for newcomers to Bach, and a fascinating fresh look for experienced Bach listeners.

Listen to three mp3 excerpts:

1. Introduction

  • The world in 1727

3. Bach in Leipzig in 1727
4. Overview part 1
5. Overview part 2
6. Overview part 3
7. History of passion music

  • What does "Baroque" mean

  • The art of Rhetoric

10. How to “listen”
11. How Bach presents the story
12. Preparation: Opening Chorus
13. Engagement: alto aria
14. Engagement: soprano aria
15. Engagement: tenor aria
16. Conscience: Peter
17. Conscience: Judas
18. Death, Hope, Conclusion

Total running time 56:30

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"David Gordon, as the Evangelist, was truly in a class by himself. One of today's consummate Bach tenors, Mr. Gordon gave a thrilling interpretation of this taxing role. Even Bach could not wish for a grander portrayal."
– Baltimore Daily Record

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