bach st. matthew passion mass in b minor lecture
The newest release in David's audio lecture series!!


"The greatest job application ever written..."

J. S. Bach was an employee all his life. In his 47-year working career, he held six very different musical jobs. For nearly all those years, he received a paycheck. Cash actually. Plus bushels of wheat and barley, firewood, and sometimes even beer.

In this fascinating 55-minute lecture, David Gordon describes the major events in Bach's "job history", and interweaves the amazing story of the Mass in B Minor - the greatest job application ever written!

Listen to three mp3 excerpts:

 • Intro

2 Bachground
3 Weimar 1
4 Weimar 2
5 Cöthen

• Bach arrives in Leipzig

7 Leipzig 2

• The world in 1733

9 The Application
10 The Latin Mass
11 Bach’s Mass
12 Summing Up
13 Tag

Total running time 53:30


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Also in this series:“St. Matthew Passion” available now!

"Well-known internationally, David Gordon is an expressive Bach Evangelist,
infusing the text with drama and passion, coloring the words with emotion."

– Chicago SUN-TIMES

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