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"I discovered a wonderful new place in my heart through my voice."    read more comments here


  Healing with Sound and Spirit

   The Gentle Art of Meditative Toning

     Singer, teacher, and toning master David Gordon
     leads a 70-minute workshop session in the
     Gentle Art of the Meditative Voice.

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From the liner notes in the CD Booklet:

Meditative Toning: The Healing Voice

Your voice is a powerful tool for meditation, transformation, and healing. Vocal sounds can be used as meditative tools by themselves, or combined with yoga, tai chi, chi gong, or any other type of contemplative movement.

But before you can use your voice for these inner purposes, you need to get beyond your everyday outer view of your voice: too often we are limited by our expectations, preconceptions, or negative thoughts. We must "listen" to our own voice without aesthetic judgement, simply feeling the vibrations and noticing their effects on our body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

And that is the purpose of this CD.

In this actual 70-minute workshop session, David explains and demonstrates the principles of Meditative Toning ­ the creation of vocal sounds in order to experience the results in other parts of the body. It is a remarkably simple technique, and it does not require any vocal or singing skill. In fact, if you have the voice to say "I can't do it," then you can do it!

To best utilize this CD, find a comfortable location where you can sit quietly and allow yourself to focus on the recording without interruption. As you listen, add your own tones to those of the workshop participants, and follow along actively in the entire session. Then you can begin to practice toning by yourself, and listen over again to your favorite tracks from the CD.

- from the CD liner notes by David Gordon

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